Flame Retardant Sheer & Drapery

It is a method of applying flame retardency to the fabric at finishing stage. It is stable at the fabric up to 20 washes which can be change up to content of fabric. Depending on the project, this method can be used for the specific need of the client at regular fabrics of Elvin.

At FR finish, success is up to composition of fabric. If fabric is 100% polyester, FR finish is successful and at fabrics that contain natural fibers of more than 20%, FR finish application may not be successful. Our representatives will give you brief explanation referring to your inquiries and selection.

Attention: Fire Retardant Finishing success mentioned above may change up to standards of countries. An FR finish applied polyester fabric can passes NFPA701,DIN  4102, BS 5852 Part 1 for 100% PES fabrics.